Avery B. Wisconsin

Women's Equality

There has been many debates involving the rights that women have and how women should be treated equal. I believe that our next president should finalize a solution for women's equality.

I feel strongly that women should be treated equal to men. One way this can be expressed would be for women and men to get paid equally. If men and women complete the same amount of work, they should receive the same amount of money. According to Pew Research Center U.S. Politics and Policies, "Full time working women earn 77% of what their male counterparts earn."  Women have to work 60 extra days or about 3 months to collect the same amount of money men would get. This is simply unfair and a change needs to happen immediately. Women should get paid equally to men for doing the same amount of work. 

Women and men are not treated equally on a daily basis. Women are labeled as "weaker" or "below" men.  The source Pew Research Center says, "Only 9% of society favors women over men." This emphasises how unequally treated women are compared to men. This same source says "Only 5% of adults say it's easier for women to get a top job than for men." Early on in the government women may have not played as much as an important role as they do now, but women have definitely impacted our world today and should be viewed equally. 

This topic affects me personally because when I am older I don't want to be looked at differently because of my gender. I would like to have the same opportunities as men get and so would many other women. In my opinion, I would like to live in a country where everyone is equal no matter your gender, skin color, religion, etc.. 

I hope our new president will come up with a solution to implement equal pay for men and women and to also enforce women's equality.  

From,  Avery B