Ceonie W. Nevada

Dear Future President, Please Listen

Dear Future President, I just want to let you know what this title means. I hope you will take this task very seriously. This job is about people all over nation and this isn't the time to indulge in your selfish actions. You can not say senseless things about people no matter what thoughts swirl in your head. You are the president and you need to act like it. Fight for the desire that we as a nation. I know that we may not agree on everything but I support you so you have to support me as well.You are now the leader of the United States of America and now is not the time to do petty stuff. Not all of us will have the ability to become the president. You have to fight for us who can’t do it for ourselves such as children and teens. We have a future and you will impact what our education system will be like. Be cautious of decisions and who they will impact at the end of the day. I have this quote, “Inspiration can inspire some to became an inspiration” - Ceonie W., and this means that you value is bigger than you think it is. You are the example of all the little boys and girls. Every action causes a reaction so if you do something with bad intention then you are telling it is good to be bad. You are the inspiration where people inspire to become and may never even get there. Fix the education system so kids can learn at the best rate, help fix the justice system so a kid who sells drugs doesn't go away for 30 years and a rapist only goes to jail for 15 years. Fix our unfair law enforcement system, we all deserve to be treated equally no matter who we are. Fix our healthcare system, health is the key to life. Fix our dilapidated infrastructure, it is necessary. Fix our broken economy, it will only get worse. Fix our unfair trade laws, we need all the money we can get. Fix our unfair immigration laws because we don't know their story and they deserve a chance. It is not about me or you but our people. Please listen, Ceonie W.