Tony Nevada

Common sense on the topic of gun control

Gun control and the ways it'd effect our society

Dear future president,

Whether you are a rich 70 year old that acts like a child or a 69 year old women that has been accused of scandals please take time to read my argument.

 We all know gun violence has always been a big topic of discussion. From many opposing views from mass shootings to protecting our 2nd amendment rights. The fact is that no matter what you do, which way you go with gun laws you will always have too many people go against a certain view and can never seem to satisfy everyone's opinion . It all depends on what view at the time has just a few more supporters of people on one side, and currently it seems like due to all the statistics and negative facts that owning guns have given it seems that they may get more restrictions and have more regulations. With the information given we can obviously see that the gun ownership is in a concentrated area of the population. With “more guns than human population in the U.S. and an average of 36 deaths in america due to some sort of gun related deaths” according to mises insitute we can clearly see negative effects with guns and not restricting them.

Yes, guns may be problem and obviously are the highest used weapon used in homicides, but to completely get rid of guns and not let the public have guns is completely impractical. There are many hunters around that use guns for hunting purposes and some people just use them as a home protection service. Also, in “2015, 12.8 million carry concealed weapons compared to 2007 where it was only 4.6 million people and as we can see by data that 22%” according to cbs of murders and crime rate dropped from 2007 to now and so it seems like allowing people to have guns stops murder rates and crime rates.

Giving ex criminals the privilege of having the ability to purchase and obtain guns again shouldn't be allowed due to the fact that most prison inmates released tend to end up back in prison. 

A question that always rises is why are there so many guns in the U.S. and that there's such a concentrated amount of guns in a small portion of U.S. citizens and that this could be dangerous. 

No matter which way you look at this topic the lives lost will never come back and the criminals that illegally got guns will keep getting these guns no matter what. The people who follow the laws and aren't murders or mass shooters will stay law abiding citizens but now will become unarmed and easier for criminals to target people and commit for crimes knowing that everyone else around can’t obtain guns as easily. 

Sincerely, Tony from Damonte Ranch High

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