Thea N. Nevada

Gun Violence

America's lack of gun control and the hazards it has created... The irony of "self-defense" and "thorough" background checks.

Dear Future President,

The fate of our future is in your hands. The U.S.A. has come far in terms of progress, but there are still improvements that are very much needed. A major problem that is drastically more prominent in America than nearly the rest of the world are guns: the lack of distribution control, and the dangers they create.

When I was young, I never understood the concept of anyone being able to have a gun. This invention, made of various metal and plastic materials, could end anybody’s life in less than a second. I thought to myself, “aren’t these things more harmful than beneficial? How can I possibly feel safe when people are legally allowed to conceal a weapon?” The harsh reality is that guns cause more harm than safety. And yes, anyone can get their hands on these weapons. 

Sixty-two and more.”In the last thirty years, at least sixty-two mass shootings have happened in thirty states,” Mother Jones says, whom produced a study of gun deaths and control in America. America has six times the rate of gun homicide as Canada, seven times the rate of Sweden, and sixteen times the rate of Germany. “Mass shootings have occurred with alarming frequency in recent years, an anomaly among other industrialized nations.” (Mother Jones) Tell me, what will it take for the government to realize the utter lack of gun control this country has? The term “Mass Shooting” has become a norm in the news. Innocent lives are being ended because of how accessible guns are to the general public. The excuse of purchasing guns for “self-defense” is frankly ironic, because more often than not, guns cause danger in comparison to being safe. “More than 75 percent of the guns used in mass shootings were purchased legally,” states Mother Jones.

The solution is simple. The government needs to mandate the distribution of guns, and monitor who can purchase them more cautiously. Yes, there are currently “background checks” on those who buy guns from official, licensed companies. However, there are no restrictions on guns that are purchased from anybody and gun shows. Unfortunately, there’s no way of telling how mentally stable an individual actually is, and there is nothing stopping them from going to a local grocery store and killing innocent people. There truly is no way of telling what can happen when a gun owner has a mental breakdown, and how they will react. Take in consideration the Newton crime: when an individual killed six people and injured twenty more, who was later diagnosed with a mental disorder.

Gun violence occurs extremely frequently and something has to be done. We need to better control who can buy and distribute guns. I ask you this, future president: what will it take for better gun laws? I’m genuinely curious, because sixty-two mass shootings obviously has not raised enough awareness. I ask you to empathize with those who were innocently killed and the justice they all deserve. As our leader, you can change the U.S.A. for the greater good. The choice is yours: whether you make a difference in this country or to keep letting tragedies happen.


Thea Neil

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