Megan R. Nevada

Transgender Bathroom Policies

Oncoming issues involving transgender bathroom policies are hitting the United States daily.

Dear Mr. President,

As you may know, transgender bathroom policies has become an issue in the U.S. Not only does it affect transgender people but it also affects the people around it. About 1% of the United States identifies themselves as transgender and as a free country we need everyone to feel comfortable and safe in the community. 

Most transgender people feel inferior and like they don’t fit in. About 41% of transgender people commit suicide at an early age. Our goal should be to make, not only transgender people, but all people feel welcome in society and be treated as equals. As stated in the article ‘U.S. government, N.C. file opposing lawsuits over “bathroom bill”’ it’s unconstitutional to not let someone be who they want to be and let them chose the bathroom in which they identify themselves as. 

As a transgender advocate, as long as bathroom privileges are not misused, transgenders deserve the right to choose which bathroom and environment they feel accepted and comfortable in. Stalking is one way a bathroom can be misused. In most situations the more common transition is from male to female as found from the article ‘Transgender’. Also you are more likely to be transgender than to be a triplet as proven in the article ‘Transgender: an umbrella term that sex and gender do not match.’. Everyone is different but in the end, we are all still human.
As a country we overcame racism in the mid 1900’s, meaning it’s possible to overcome gender identity issues as well. I agree with Drew Sheneman when he says transgenders may take advantage of being able to choose which bathroom to use but I would also like to disagree because anybody can misuse the bathroom! People of all races, sexual orientation and gender identity issues can misuse the bathrooms not only transgenders. 
This is a civil rights issue that needs to be corrected. Transgender people should have to right to use whatever bathroom they identify themselves as. In the end it’s only a bathroom and nothing more. This country needs to open up and accept others even though they may be different. Everyone deserves the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and as a country of freedom, all people need to be treated as equals. As a country, we can solve this together.


Megan Rich

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