Breanna Neal Washington

Gay Adoption

Why gay adoption SHOULD be legalized in ALL 50 states!

Dear president,

Imagine if being gay was the normal thing, and being straight was frowned upon. Now imagine that you are happily married to your wife/husband and you are straight. But there seems to be something missing, something you have been wanting since you were little. A child. Now imagine that you or your significant other are not able to give birth because of medical issues, and you can’t adopt because it’s not legal. What are you supposed to do then? How are you supposed to have kids? This is a problem that many same-sex couples are facing today. All these couples want in life is to love and hold a child like the child has never known. All they want is to make them feel welcome into their home. Why can’t they just adopt? Why does it have to be this way?

Did you know that all the same-sex couples with adopted children, represent only 1 out of 6 single parents? Sometimes these single parents didn’t even want their children in the first place. The same goes for children who are in the adoption system. Most of those children were unwanted or unplanned. If we just let same-sex couples who ACTUALLY want these kids in the adoption system, and they’re willing to go through this whole process and put in the work, then the numbers of children in the adoption system would drop dramatically. Your job as a president is to care about us as a whole, to make sure we all have equality, so why are same-sex couples still not allowed to adopt everywhere? You as a president should care.

Secondly, good parenting is not about the parents sexual orientation, instead good parenting is about the parents ability to create a loving and nurturing home for the child. Most of the argument around this topic is that people believe that if a child is living with a gay couple, that they themselves will become gay. This in fact is not true. There have been no evidence to support this idea at all. Yes, a child is sometimes affected by their environment but it has also not been proven or has any evidence that environment affects one’s sexuality. If this statement that most people are making was true, then there wouldn’t be any gay couples, right? I mean if you grew up around straight people all your life, then there could possibly not be any gay couples. For example, if your mom or dad has a mental illness or has had cancer for a while, growing up around them, would that mean that you would have cancer or that same illness as well?

Lastly, being gay is NOT a choice, despite what others think. This is also another argued topic. Being gay is not a choice, it’s the way you feel, the way you were born. Did you choose to be a boy or a girl? Did you choose to have your eye color or your hair color or even the shape of your nose? No. this was not something that was chosen by you. You were born that way. It’s the same thing with being gay. They didn’t choose to be gay, they were born that way. We simply cannot choose how we feel about someone. If we are in love with someone, how do you stop this? We can’t just tell ourselves to not like that person, it’s the way WE feel. If we had the choice to choose who we loved, the world would be much different and the divorce rates would be much lower. So if the child that they adopted was born loving the other gender, then it wasn’t the gay couple’s fault or doing. It was all simply because the child was born this way.

In conclusion, gay adoption should be legalized in all fifty states. If it was legalized everywhere, then I am sure that because of the statistics there would be less kids in the adoption system. Love is love. We all need it, and that’s all these gay couples want. They just want to adopt a child to call their own and love them every single day endlessly. 

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