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Gay marriage equality

Dear future President,

I would like to know how you are going to deal with gay marriage equality? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Are you not sure? All I know is that one should be allowed to marry the same-sex and maybe it should also be a constitutional amendment as well. I’m going to tell you in this piece why I think it should be allowed.

One reason I think that gay marriage should be allowed is because love is love. If you love someone you should be able to marry them no matter what sex they are. Whether you are a boy who likes a boy, or a girl who likes a girl, you love someone for a reason and should not let other people keep you from marrying them. “Love is…love is…love is…love is… love is…love is… love is… love is… cannot be killed or swept aside” said Lin- Manuel Miranda. Some people ask why do they have to get married? They think that they can just be together and pretend like they are married. You see that is wrong, that just makes it sound like gay people aren’t good enough to get married just because they like the same sex. It’s not like straight people are better than gay people in any way. No matter if you are gay or straight, you should be treated the same way as any other person.

Another reason why I think gay marriage should be allowed is because the public opinion has changed over time and more millennials are agreeing with gay marriage rather than the gen-x, the baby boomers, and the silent generation. If the millennials continue to agree with gay marriage and pass it down generation to generation, eventually 100% will agree with gay marriage. Our generation is finally getting the right idea, hopefully gay marriage will be legal in all 50 states soon. The more that agree, the more chance there is of gay marriage being allowed. “While the public’s attitudes toward gay marriage remain unchanged from a year ago, they have changed dramatically over the past two decades.” (“Support Steady for Same-Sex Marriage” by: Hannah Fingerhut)

My final reason on why I think gay marriage should be allowed is because people are basically saying that they are second class citizens and that they don’t deserve the same rights as people who are straight. Recently added to the Supreme Court, banning gay marriage is against the Constitution. Gay people should also have the same benefits as straight people. According to, there over 1,110 benefits for partners in marriage, that’s a lot of benefits to take away from someone just because they are gay. A small thing like that should never get in the way of the rights of a citizen.

Future President, now that I have told you my opinions on why I think gay marriage should be allowed, what do you think and how are you going to deal with it as President? Do you agree with our generation, or are you going to stick with whatever your generation believes in and bring that up to the White House? I know I am sticking with the millennials. I am Riley M. and I approve this message.


Riley M.


Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

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