Fernando O. Nevada

Relationship of the people with law enforcement

The current relationship with the citizens of the United States and the law enforcement is unstable and needs to be improved

Dear Future President, 

We currently live in a society where there are multiple police shooting and deaths of innocent people by the police. It has gotten to the point where there is great hate towards police. It is understood why there is hate towards them because many of them abuse there power and do what they please with out thinking of the consequence. With that being said it is also the enforcement of justice that has lead to the current hatred toward police. When there is an incident that occurs the police get a far upper hand in a trial because of there position. We need to start trying police officers that abuse their powers for what they are and that is criminals or murders. The fact that a police officer can kill an innocent man and walk free is unacceptable. They are fired but they are given a paid leave so it basically doe nothing to help the situation. Therefore it just brings bad blood towards all cops and not all cops are in wrong. In order to revive the relationship between average citizens and the police we need to tackle these police brutality cases as serious as they should be and try them as the criminals they are, nothing less.