Cristina C. Nevada

Animal Cruelty/Animal Testing

Animal Cruelty/Animal Testing is an issue that I believe people don't really give much attention to.

Dear Future President,

When taking such an important role as president it’s not only important to focus on issues such as Immigration, Education & Gun Control but other issues in which I believe lack certain attention to. A cause in which I believe would need more attention and work on is Animal Cruelty/Animal Testing. For many people this is an issue that doesn’t really have much importance because according to majority this doesn’t affect us as a society.However, what they don’t know is that it really does. Many Cosmetic companies currently do Animal Testing. Which can become a major issue due to them not caring about mistreating animals. Some Animals that are used for cosmetic testing are: Bunnies, Rats, Hamsters etc. The reason why they’re used is because of their skin, According to the testing doesn’t need to be used on animals anymore because of them already doing labs on taking tests on volunteered human skin. Which means that they’re abusing and taking advantage of poor animals that don’t belong in a testing lab and don't deserve that type of punishment.

Now some makeup brands have come together in order to help end animal testing such as E.L.F. cosmetics and Tarte. I still do believe that to whoever becomes President can read this and help be apart of ending such damage towards poor innocent animals. Are generation is evolving so fast that it would be impossible for us to not want to come together in order to end this and be able to find other solutions in which any type of cosmetic testing could be done without hurting or affecting the lives of the animals it’s truly not fair. This is an issue that a lot of people have been fighting for years and we still don’t see many people giving it the attention that it needs.Another reasoning is because by having testing and abuse done with we can start to make our cosmetic industry a much healthier and safer place for animals and future customers.This why I believe this would become a very important issue that I believe the Future President should put importance on.

Canyon Springs HS

Mock Trial

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