Chris W. Michigan

Unification of the United States

Describes why the current state of division in America is a huge problem that needs to be solved

Dear Future President,

I come to you with an issue.

Hurricane Mathew has devastated the southeastern side of the United States, California is still in a massive drought, and South Carolina is still seen as racist from the majority of the rest of the country. There’s Mexicans. There’s Muslims; and at the moment, there’s clowns everywhere.

Here we at one of those pivotal elections in American history. It is at this moment in particular that we must come together as a nation, to elect our next leader; and it is at this moment in particular, where we could not be more divided.

The Election of Abraham Lincoln, 1860. The anointing of arguably our greatest president, and the final nail in the coffin for arguably the bloodiest war in American History. One candidate had extreme beliefs in one direction, of change. While the other had a more narrow stance and believed change was not entirely needed. Two different groups of people supported their leaders and their beliefs. After Lincoln was elected, the bloodshed had begun; and the American civil war had officially started, the war that caused 620,000 of our own American people to lose their lives. I bring to attention, here we are nearing the next election, the election of strong beliefs... For change. Versus the narrow stance.

It’s arguable that the civil war initially occurred because of the slavery and segregation of the African-American population in the 1800’s. Here’s the parallel. In the 1800’s, African-Americans were more or less free in the Northern parts of the US,and down south and in the great plains, they were slaves, and weren’t considered people. The LGBT community has recently won a huge victory for the progression of their populace. In 2014, the marriage of gay couples of all kinds was officially stated as a constitutional right. But here we are 2 years later and a government worker in Kentucky, Kim Davis is refusing to give gay couples a marriage license because “her religion won’t allow it”. In the 1860’s African Americans were believed as said in the eyes of God, to be inferior. Here it is happening once again to the gay members of the United States Population.

I now direct attention to almost 2500 years ago to the peloponnesian wars. The epic battles of the Spartans, Athenians, and Persians. The Ancient superpowers of the European colony. Athens and Sparta belonged to the same colony, and actively united themselves under the same name as Greek. Much the same way as current day America unites itself under different states, but all the same country. Everyone knows war will happen. Always. However the emphasis here is on the state of Sparta and Athens. In the first peloponnesian war. Athens was put against Persia for believing in different Gods and ideals, this was arguably the bloodiest war in ancient times. Later in the second peloponnesian war, Persia once again attacked Greece. This time Sparta and Athens had to unite to defeat their Persian foe. It sounds right now that Sparta and Athens were fairly well acquainted as allies. If that were the case however. We’d still see the Polis’ of Sparta and Athens on a map. After the second besting of Persia, Athens started to become imperialistic. Imperialism slowly turning into the ancient cockyness that got Greece destroyed in Ancient times. Because this Imperialism led to the fighting and war of Sparta and Athens, while they were weakening each other, the new coming Macedonian enemy saw its opportunity, and They struck Greece. In a swift blow. The Greeks were defeated and if not for the mercy of Alexander the Great, would’ve been completely erased from history.

As I see it, whoever this next President may be. Unless you want America to be at civil war of discrimination of minorities, and eventually nearly erased from history. Based on past events, this happens. We need a charismatic leader to unite the American people, quite frankly were so at each other's throats right now, you’ve got to be pretty quick in making people agree, or it’s going to be a long four years for the both of us. I ask you, as a member of the next generation coming into American society, please don’t kill my country.


Christopher Wenzlick

Clarkston Community Schools

Eisele ELA 10 Honors 3rd Hour

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