Xandra R. Michigan

Let's Stop Abortion

I want abortion to stop, so let's make an effort to have it stopped.

L2P Letter - Xandra Card

Dear next president,

Population is a big issue, but is it so much of an issue we have to kill babies before they’re even born? Abortion, why was it created? And who in their rightful mind would think of killing a baby before they can even witness the world? Abortion is disgusting, and has to stop.

Over 50 million babies are murdered every year due to abortion, according to World Meters/Abortions. Around 1.2 babies are killed per day, because heartless human females decide ‘Hey, I don’t want this baby, I should totally kill it!’. Twenty-Two percent of people get abortions in the USA, and that (I think) has to stop. Aborting a baby is like killing a baby.

I don’t understand how people can think that aborting their baby, that hasn't even been born yet, is okay. Hey honey, I don’t want another kid, or I don’t want this kid because of this, killing the baby, is not okay, at all. Oh, the population goes down though, orphanages won’t be over flowed with children. I don’t care what your reason is! Killing a baby is murder. Abortion means babies are killed, and women are scarred.

Two women went to get an abortion, one because her baby had a disease incompatible with life, and the other was a rape victim. They were both left scarred for life. Only one of the women was sedated, and she got a drug, a refill on one that was totally illegal in Canada, because it was basically synthetic heroin, and couldn’t believe the amount of milligrams in each pill. The other women was not sedated, put in a room with many other women in pain on horrible, mental asylum like beds, puking, screaming, and a lot of others. She was put on a lot of antibodies, but no anesthesia.

People can start having actual childbirth, to a live child, then, if they don’t want it, they can give it up for adoption. That also gives them the chance, after they see they baby, is they actually want to rid themselves from them. We can shut down abortion clinics, hopefully helping people stop the abortions. Hopefully, there will be no more abortions, and more murderers.

Abortion needs to be stopped. It’s murder, we are killing people daily. Put yourself in the shoes of a mother, her baby has Complete Trisomy 22, would you kill your baby before she could see the world for the first and last time, or deliver her and have her see her mother, before she’s gone? What if you were a little boy and your mother didn’t want you, so she killed you, because that’s what abortion is, we’re just killing children who did nothing to deserve it.