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What Bullying Really Does

Bullying is a big problem in the United States. 14% of high school students consider suicide and 7% attempt, but who knows how many actually succeed in doing so. Bullying ends lives everyday, and I am thankful that it hasn't taken mine or my brother's life. I want to prevent more suicides from occurring because of bullying.

  Save Her LIfe

All her friends, they turned on her, she wondered what she did wrong

They pushed her against the wall

They stomped her till she bruised

Afraid to go home in fear of what her parents might say

She hid everything under her clothes, always wearing a black sweater and jeans

Why is this little six year old girl scared to go to school when they were supposed to play with the finger paints?

They splatter it on her, and when she goes home

She tells her parents she spilled it

She tried to run away so she wouldn’t have to deal with it another day

Her parents love her, but she won’t let them help

She tries to tell someone, but nothing gets better, it only get’s worse

Now she’s too afraid to speak, she does not have a voice

No one notices how much this little girl is hurting

Its same cycle everyday

It spins round and round and it will never ever stop

When the little girl turns ten, she thinks of the end

She pushes to twelve and then tries to attempt

Everyday she thinks of ending the hurt

She thinks to herself why are people so cruel? What did I do to deserve this?

She would pray to God every night hoping He would stop it all

She gave up all hope, she no longer loves herself

Insecure in every way

Nobody knows the true pain, what goes on in her head

If only people could see

If only people understood, maybe they could save her from herself

Why won’t people take it seriously she wonders

A family almost lost a daughter, a sister, so close to being a ghost

She will never be the same, she will always have that fear

No one wants to be bullied but who’s gonna stop it?

Stop the pushing and shoving

Stop the untimely death of our youth

Watch what you say to a person

Together we can save a life worth living

People need to understand what bullying really does

That little girl is trying to make a difference now

For herself, her brothers, and the rest of the world

Dear future President, will you join my cause?



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