Lillian S. Michigan

Dear Future President

I believe that immigration in the United States wouldn’t be a bad thing, if people need to start fresh, I would let them in our protected and wealthy country. There are many pros and cons of having immigrants in the country. For example, they are hard working people and can bring many great attributes to the U.S.

      Many of the immigrants that come to the U.S. are trying to make a better lifestyle for them and their families. In addition, many of the people who enter a different country are more likely to not have enough money and are looking for different job. Therefore, if we allow immigrants who have not committed a crime or they are serving in the military into our country, we will be allowing them to make a new and better life. Which leads to bigger and better things for the U.S., like making more money, building new schools and businesses, and even building better communities. Furthermore, if we are allowing immigrants into this country it worries many of the people who already have jobs, in the U.S., that they will lose their job.

      Keeping this concern in mind, let's think about the other concerns including security risks, immigration numbers, and even the affect on the communities. Keeping the country and states inside of it safe, is key, but how do immigrants affect this? They make the populations of an area bigger which means more security per person, also, we need more security by the borders so we can look at the documented people to know if they have committed any crimes and to also make sure someone without a document doesn’t come in. Of course, if there is more immigration in the U.S., there will be bigger immigration numbers, but that affects the communities. More immigrants means more money for a community and more jobs need to be opened. This could lead to people living in small towns, like my own town, to lose their job. It’s equally important to realize that all these problems can be solved if the United States works together as a team to make a great place for everyone to live and to make this country accomplish better things than it already has.

      Not only will my reform on immigration impact the country in a good way but it will impact it in a few bad ways. This is so, because in a good way immigrants will gain a better job or life and so could the current citizens of the U.S. Bringing immigrants into the country could help businesses achieve better things with these hard working people in our country and working at their business. Immigration numbers will go up, communities will struggle, and security risks will also go up. Does this mean we need to just say no to immigration or to just set it aside? No, everyone deserves a chance and I believe the country could become something different with hard working humans in the United States.

      There are so many different opinions on immigration in the U.S., but this is what I believe whether it brings great things to the country or it tears the country apart. Either way, immigrants that do bring good to United States should be allowed anywhere in the world.

Yours truly,

Lillian Schauer

Ithaca Junior High School

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