Russell B. Michigan

Texting and driving and how it affects us.

This letter is suggesting that texting while driving should be done away with.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

I believe that in some way texting while driving should be abolished. They took some test to show just how many people die each year from this problem. "After revamping the way they collected these reports, the NHTSA released figures for distraction-affected crashes in 2010 that showed 3,092 deaths due to distraction-affected crashes. The number of deaths cannot be compared to the 2009 figures, however, as the method in which the agency collects its data has changed"("Texting While Driving.").That means that a lot of people die each year just from texting, and driving it needs to be stopped. I was with my friends once and the driver was texting and we almost hit a tree. It was super scary to be in that moment and things like that should be done away with. Overall, if texting and driving were not a thing, there wouldn’t be near as many car related deaths.


 Russell B.