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Poverty in America

Poverty in America. Can it be even be looked at?

Dear future president,

Poverty in America has been overseen in my opinion. There are people that worry about it but I don't think there's a lot of people making the right actions to prevent and stop poverty. We are talking about everything else like taxes and gun laws but nothing about a the big percentage of people in America who have no home or people who can't feed their children because the government is too busy taking everyone's money. What can we do as a nation to change this?

Right now there is about 14.5 percent of people in america who are in poverty right now. That is about 45 million people. If we can't get people in homes fast, in my opinion, this will get out of control and there will be nothing anyone can do, including you. And if things get out of control there will be many more riots and trouble making in our country, and things will be two times as bad because people will do anything to get what they need which means people have nothing to lose.

There is 48.1 million people that are homeless and don't have food. There is 49.1 million people with homes but still don't have any food at all. This statistic will still continue to rise if we can't put more effort into this. We have to help each other before we help anyone else.

In my home city, Portland Oregon, there is 1,887 thousand people that live on the streets and have nowhere to go and nothing to eat. There are 3,801 people that at least have a shelter to go to. The bad thing is that there are states that have less numbers than this. The good thing is that Portland at least trying to make an effort to end it by getting about half home the homeless in shelters so they don't have to sleep in the terrible weather that occurs in Oregon. If you as the next president take notes and try to do what Portland is doing, and try to cut these percentages in half then more people will be off the streets and in homes with food and a job. The good thing for you is that the government makes more money from taxes because there's more people with jobs and money.

Lastly there is 15.5 million kids in america that live in poverty. That's 21 percent of all kids. That's 1 in every 5 kids in america. So not only our present time is getting screwed but our future is looking terrible as well. This is something that is blowing my mind in how many kids are suffering because of our high class and people who don't want to get up and make a difference. And I think you our president can make this difference.

Like I asked before what can we do as a nation to fix this? Looks like it's up to you to figure it out. We the people can't do it yourself. We need a leader to help us. How can we change poverty, how can we look forward and see no poverty at all?

Jefferson HS

Jefferson HS Students

10th,11th, and 12th grade students at Jefferson HS in Portland Oregon.

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