Joseph A. Oregon

Hello figure of the US for the next 4-8 years

Dear future President of the United States of America.

I am here typing this letter to you to address some problems that I and many others would wished to be looked at and revised to make the place we live in a better place for us and future generations in the US. An issue i’d like to look at is education, i chose education because what happens in college is what shows your outcome in getting a good job or not, plus student loans, but mostly i’m looking at the educational aspect.

Before you go college they would check what you’ve done in high school. But the thing is that what you’ve done in high school reflects what you’ve done in middle school. So what i’m getting at is the reason why people are falling into poverty and becoming homeless is because of what happens in middle school. Middle school is what preps you into high school, and high school is what preps you for college, so on and so forth. But if students don’t get the proper education from the start of their education; it would be incredibly difficult for them in high school or later in life, so we should prioritize our education in middle schools.

Of course we should prioritize all educational subjects and matters but also more opportunities and things that kids like me would find interesting, not saying that all school subject are boring (some i don’t find appealing) , but the subject should be understanding enough to not give students a reason to talk to each other when they're not suppose to or go on phones. So i suggest middle schools and high schools more hands on kind of experience in class, of course that won’t solve much from your standpoint but have more schools have college readiness programs. Have weekends and breaks for small programs that get you ready as well as plan ahead and be able to get interested in what life has to offer than just social media and whatnot.

But there are many problems doing things because as a sophomore, I and many others have short attention spans, and to be honest i try my best and my peers have to told me that it's just hard to get into subjects nowadays. Classes should be interactive, so that teachers can have more students eager to participate and get into the subject, have students get acknowledged for their hard work and time spent on assignments. As of 2016 many assignments, such as essays and reports, are being typed up and sent to teachers by email. But in the end nothing has really changed in the fact that students have to compete with their grades in order to get what them want. So by focusing on collaboration we can live in the present instead of living in the past and over thinking our future.

Thank you for reading.

Jefferson HS

Jefferson HS Students

10th,11th, and 12th grade students at Jefferson HS in Portland Oregon.

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