BD Oregon



10th October 2016

Dear future president,

Our forests are being destroyed do to deforestation for expansion. If deforestation continues at a quick rate, then the U.S. will have little to no forestland, greatly impacting our health and the animals that inhabit the forest.

Some may say that expansion is essential for human survival. Keeping forests is essential, we need trees for oxygen and shelter for the animals that we eat. Without trees, our food doesn’t live.During 2007-2012, more than 1.4 million acres of forestland was turned into housing. This a large amount of are to change and greatly impacted the animal life in those areas.

This has become less of an issue though, in an article Andrea Becker (biologist, ecologist,and environmental scientist) says “ Deforestation is offset by reforestation through re-planting projects following timber harvest.” Preservation laws, include limitations on logging, anti forest fire and other environmental protections. I feel that this issue isn’t paid much attention to and that should change. We would like to have more attention brought to reforestation in order to reduce deforestation rates. President, our well being is in your hands.