Hfope B. Oregon

Police Brutality

There is a huge issue surrounding police brutality and would like to know what the future president will do to help stop this racial discrimination.

Dear Future President,

My name is Hfope Butcher from Portland, Oregon and I am concerned about the controversy surrounding police brutality against our black community. The purpose of the criminal justice system is to deliver justice for all by convicting and punishing the guilty. The fact that the white policemen and women are taking advantage of that system, brings African American’s anxiety because the purpose of our police system is to protect us and serve our community to bring peace. Unfortunately, that’s not happening Police brutality has become a huge issue because the policemen aren’t just approaching black people for no reason, they’re killing them. Based on the website, Cop Crisis, it states that cops are indicted in less than 1% of killings, but for citizens, 90%. Too often policemen aren’t being penalized for killing many innocent people. This seriously needs to stop. I feel that the police are being favoured because of who they are. This needs a change because our country isn’t going to get better, it’s only getting worse. A change will allow us to start accepting each other and work towards a better future.

What are you going to do to help African Americans get their justice and also prevent these types of things from happening? During the 2016 president race Donald Trump continuously called for ‘Law and Order’ regarding this issue. What Trump is calling for is ideological I believe “law and order” is just an invitation for law enforcement to engage in racial profiling that causes policemen to get carried away on purpose just because they are familiar with this phrase because they may think that they have that kind of power. They know exactly what they are doing is wrong.

I watch the news and see so much hate. African-Americans are being brutalized and murdered by so called “innocent” cops. Most police officers claim they fear for their lives while others don’t have a reason at all. It seems as if we can never trust the people that we are supposed to feel safe around but instead, around them, we feel our lives are in danger because of the simple fact that some are racist and black men get killed and the cops make up some lie or excuse saying they felt their lives were in danger when they are only following their commands like getting their licences.

As our president, I ask that you help support and defend us so that there is no racial discrimination; especially from the policemen. I need you to tell us how you are going to help stop this racial discrimination from happening. Black men are three times more likely to get shot than a white person. Donald Trump, has said things like, “The police are the most mistreated people in America.” and “We need to give power back to the police.” Hillary Clinton, has said things like, “ I want people here to think what we would be doing if it was one out of three white men, and very often, the black men are arrested, convicted and incarcerated for offensive that do not lead to the same results for white men." Both are talking about two different things. The fact that the cops are being addressed that they’re doing the right thing, it isn’t their fault and saying they should have more power and they’re the ones being mistreated, hurts me because the cops are one of the main problems in racial discrimination. The outcome of the opposite things they’re saying is that the people in our society aren’t going to build an urge of hate from African Americans towards Donald Trump and a suspicion for Hillary because it seems to me that she only states facts about what’s going on in the cop crisis but not coming up with a solution. It’s because of them that we are experiencing something that we shouldn’t ever have to experience again in life.

We will not continue to take this treatment. Why do people think they should always separate themselves from other races and feel they are better than anyone else? We are supposed to be united. That's why we’re called the United States of America. There is nothing united about us if we can't resolve issues and stand together as a fist, rather than separate like fingers. What will you do to help bring equality and justice to our country?


Hfope Butcher