Alexis S. Oregon

Improvements to schools

Schools need a bigger budget to make improvements.

Dear future President,

I‘m a student at West Albany High School with concerns about how schools are not getting enough of a budget for important supplies and maintenance that are needed. Schools across the states should get a better school budget because kids are struggling to learn and are not in safe buildings.

In many schools, there are classes that have outdated books, which are not helping students in learning. There is a school in Twin Falls that have outdated books, causing kids to struggle in classes. From the article “Schools Struggle to Replace Outdated Textbooks” a teacher from Twin Falls named Jacque Salisbury stated, “If you’re going to hand kids really old textbooks, they’re not going to be passionate about science.” Students need to have updated books so they can learn new things. If the books continue to be outdated, students could fail classes and continue to be held back. Schools need more money so that they can get textbooks that match what they are learning.

Another issue that schools are struggling with is enough money for maintenance. The maintenance of schools with low funding and poor structures needs improvement too. In our own school’s upper gym, there are ceiling tiles falling off and ball equipment that has gotten stuck up there. There are also leaks in some classrooms. If schools don't have enough money to fix the maintenance around the school, it could lead to accidents and distractions.

It would be great if you could read this so you can help us and the schools with these problems. Kids like me want to learn and be successful in life so we don’t get held back. We need you to help support us by increasing our school budgets so that students can have a better education.


Alexis Scherette