Frank Alaska

Stop Homelessness

Why America needs to help stop America

To Mr. or Mrs President,

Homelessness in America needs to be address. It is a gigantic problem in America there is nearly 650,000 people in America without a home. Homeless people have a hard time getting a job so they cannot get money which means the can’t get a house. If parents are homeless and have children then the cycle will continue and the children be in poverty and their children might be and so on. People have been trying to stop homelessness for a very long time. Ronald Reagan said “What we have found in this country, and maybe we're more aware of it now, is one problem that we've had, even in the best of times, and that is the people who are sleeping on the grates, the homeless, you might say, by choice.” Americans need to stop this problem!

There are way too many people on living on the street. On any given night in America there is almost 600,000 people living on the street. According to a survey taken in 2015 nearly 570,000 people didn’t have a home meaning that they had to live outside, in a shelter, or a transitional home. 22% of the people were children,13% were veterans, and nearly 50% were mentally or physically disabled. That means that there is about 50,000 veterans who are homeless people who help defend our country do not have a bed to sleep in. The homelessness people most likely can not obtain or keep a job.

People who are homeless are not able to get a job.A Huffington Post article stated that to get a job you need the be clean and have clothes. But if you live on the street you can't just take a shower. And without a job one can not get any nice clean clothes. If a person were to get clothes from a shelter the clothes may be wearable but they are not nice clothes that would get you a job. And if a person may obtain a job they would only get low wage jobs that are hands on jobs. If a person can not obtain a job they can turn to drugs and violence. They could form gangs and sell drugs just to get a warm bed to sleep in.But if you have a physical or mental disability that makes finding and getting a job even more difficult.

People in poverty usually don’t come from rich families they usually come from poverty. Families make up for nearly 34% of homelessness. 60% of females who are homeless have children and 65% of the children live with them in poverty. And of the males in poverty 41% of them have children. People in poverty most likely have little or no education, have experienced or are experiencing drugs or physical abuse. And if the children who live in poverty go through the stuff then they might drop out of school and take drugs. Then they’ll go into poverty and have children and keep making the wheel turn.

Homelessness has to be dealt with in America people in poverty can not get out of it because they can’t get a job. It is nearly impossible to get out of it, that is why you need to do something about it. I propose that you should provide more money and resources into helping and providing the homelessness communities. If the homelessness community is helped the can help give back into the community. Programs like Salvation Army can help create more opportunities for impoverished community with more money and resources. Who know maybe someone who is in poverty can be the next President! People like Steve Jobs, David Lettermen, Tyler Perry, even Benjamin Franklin were homeless at some point in time. And now they are well known around America.

Thank you,