milena r. Pennsylvania


homelessness is a big issue today

September 26, 2016

Dear Next President,

Please help homeless people because people struggling living in the streets especially during the winter season. Providing clothes, shelters is not enough for someone that sleeps in the streets. As someone that lives in a community where this is a big issue I think that this should solved because if it doesn't then it can lead to many more issues such as doing extremes like crime for them to be able to at least eat. As a matter of fact imagine a world where there's no people sleeping on the streets, people asking you for money in the streets or just in general anywhere you go , also you not being afraid of walking in the streets at any certain time. Some people may think that homelessness isn't a big issue today, but in one night over 500 thousand people can experience homelessness. people without a stable home are more likely to have other issues that causes them to be successful, so this is mainly why homelessness needs to be solved.

Overall, In NYC, in july of 2016 there were 60,456 homeless families with 23,456 homeless children. As has been noticed there is a 77%chance that someone could sleep rough in the streets. In general there are usually 109,000 thousand different homeless men, women and children. Usually everyone is affected because homelessness can often have negative impact on local communities. Additionally the effect of this is that when homeless people are admitted in hospitals their stay there is about 4 days longer than average.

Some solutions for homelessness that already exist are shelters and transition homes. In addition what can be done is provide homeless, with permanent affordable housing and wraparound services. Permanent supporting housing might solve this for them. dear next president, we as a community would want you to help homeless people because people struggling living in the streets especially during the winter time is affecting us in a negative way.


Milena Rodriguez