Tala Abolibdeh & Griffen Rohr-Clark Michigan

Starting from the Beginning

A letter to the next president about renewable energy and how it will benefit this country

Dear Mr./Mrs.President,

While there are plenty of other issues that need to be solved such as college tuition, gun control, and abortion rights, we feel that it is important to start from the beginning. The environment. Since global warming is one of the most dangerous things that affect us in our everyday lives, we need to act now. If the United States actively works towards becoming a much greener and sustainable country with the conversion of energy to more renewable sources, then the world will take a giant step forward to combatting global warming and saving the environment.

Since there are five different types of renewable energy, there are lots of options to improve our current environmental state. According to scientists, we have already surpassed 400ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, meaning we cannot wait on climate change any longer. We need to act now. There is no economic excuse for not actively reaching to become a greener nation. Our country has been industrialized since the mid-1800s, yet we still follow the status quo of how we get energy. The Unit of Concerned Scientists predicted a huge influx of new jobs that could be created as corporations and factories transition into utilizing more sustainable energy. Major coal companies are already in bankruptcy, and as the world begins to transition, many more could follow suit if they do not participate. As a matter of fact, the solar industry is already employing many Americans without being as large as major corporations. The good impacts of renewable energy are almost limitless.

However, the solutions to the issue we have created over time also have negative impacts. For example, the excess of river flowing caused by hydropower can ultimately lead to flooding. Each of the five energy sources are able to cause harm to wildlife habitats and may alter our climate. However, is it worse than what we are already doing to our beloved planet? Until we can find an alternate source of energy that does not have any bad effects on the environment, we must settle with what is present.

Global warming can easily be solved as soon as people realize how much we are dependent on the planet that we are wrecking. While we embark on making the planet much more sustainable, we are also working to decrease unemployment. As corporations make the switch, more and more jobs will be readily available. The negatives of our solutions are outweighed by the positive things that renewable energy offers. So why are we not making the big strides that we should be making while we still have time?


Griffen Rohr-Clark and Tala Abolibdeh

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