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It tells of things we need to do to help people prevent bullying to themselves and those around them

Dear Mrs. President,

Have you ever heard the saying. “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.” This has been told to all the kids who enter a school and had someone call them names or point out something weird they wear or do. It has a great message in it but for a day and age like this, have no effect anymore. This has lead to many kids being bullied and say the line to them has only caused them to be picked on more.

Bullies of today are no longer punished as they were as they would get a paddling for it while today they get left with a warning instead which doesn’t nothing but make the bully’s more careful and creative in how they bully another which includes texting, sending notes, and making websites that are sent to the victim making it harder for them to get caught. Then there are the anti-bully seminars that happen only once in the school year which may be better than nothing but it has little impact having to squeeze a lot of info into a small amount of time which leaves the students with questions that need time to answer. We need to have a few days or even a week to help give kids info like ways you can unintentional bully to actively bullying someone, what doesn’t count as bullying like friends making funny jokes about the other, and how to get in contact with someone to report bullies with guaranteed privacy and safety should they need it.

There is also the need for teachers to be on the lookout for but they only do anything when it is inside their classroom which means bullies often bully them outside in the hallways away from teachers eyes. Teachers need to either have their desks closer to the door which would allow them to have a sight into the hallway or you could have teachers stand out in the hall where they could watch out for acts of bullying that happen in the halls.

This needs to be put into effect now as many out there in school have no programs in which to caught and punish bullies or ways to tell someone without the bully knowing who did it making them the most likely to suffer trauma and anxiety attacks later on in life when they go on to try for college and have to live with people who don’t of what they are suffering which lead to confrontations that can trigger these memories or attacks furthering the problem. Then there are the extremes of what bullying can do to a person and their actions which have ended in shooting up school to get revenge on their bullies to hanging themselves to escape the hazing from people they thought friends and bullies who physically or mentally assault them that push them closer to these harmful.

Then there’s the colleges with another form of bullying which takes place in fraternities called hazing that happens more despite there being laws in place that make it a crime. Hazing is a phase where you prove if you are ready for their fraternities like performing embarrassing acts in front of crowds of other college students or acts of vandalism. This has often lead to many being hurt, emotional distress over getting into the fraternity or maintaining their dignity, and getting criminal records that make it harder for them to get a job. Unfortunately this law isn’t reinforced often by the school board because they have had hazing when they were they studied there which needs to end. There needs to be another law putting into place in colleges to prevent and report acts of hazing staffed not by people like

That also brings up another topic of how do we help the kids who have been bullied for a long time recover from the years of abuse that some suffer or at least give them a way to talk out their feelings. We have places for them to call but how about programs that get people together that know what they other has felt this would give them a friend who they can talk to on a regular basis in person and get help should they problems.

The next thing is to figure out why they get bullied. There are reasons that a kid might be bullied not because of something they can’t control like random muscles spasms or how we look some just ask for it like picking your nose and trying to poke someone with it that is bullying not on the people who pick on you for it. It is you who is bullying them and they when they try to get you to stop but when you didn’t they have to pick on you to stop. This is just an example of when kids do something that people see you doing something gross or weird that you can control like picking your nose, biting your hair, etc and sometimes they just want you to stop because it disturbs them but when you just don’t care they pick on you for it.

Now we move on like bullying in which as we started growing up and more and more technology is available people start using it for darker purposes which bullies have added to their arsenal of ways to bully you. They start up websites, chat rooms, send hate filled emails, even some try to start clubs that just revolve around spewing hate at people which they make fun of and they will often send links or videos of them to their victims or they find out from a friend who saw these things online. Anyone who has this happen have many ways to have them taken down one way is to report their website for slander, print off the emails and show them to an authority should there be threats against your life. If they are just hate mail than show them to your parents who can then contact the parents of the bullies who can then dispense punishment and reporting them can have their email accounts deactivated.

There are so many why you could be bullied and the reasons are often just to be hateful to someone but there are why to prevent this from happening again but we need help from the schools and parents. To save the next generations from suffering as we did from bullies and the lack of help during our time, we have to enforce the rules and take the responsibilities upon ourselves. Just going to a teacher is better than just standing there as someone suffers at the hands of another person. What if it was your friend being bullied wouldn’t you want to help them, why not think of every person who is being bullied in front of you as your friend, help them and make that person your real friend, or just show that someone cares for them. It is just knowing someone cares can save a life and make a friendship that could help you in the future when you need it most.   

Okemos High School

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