Christian B. New York


I wrote a letter to our next president on the topic of pollution

Dear President,

Pollution is a serious issue in America. Instead of factories and businesses using coal and other fossil fuels, I think that the government should make a policy that states factories have to start to break away from fossil fuels, and start using more environmentally friendly energy sources, such as solar power and hydroelectricity.

After the industrial revolution in the mid 1800’s , the concentration of pollutants increased greatly. This issue could have a devastating effect on the global environment if nothing is done. I believe the United States should start doing even more things to cut down on pollution.

A big cause of pollution is burning fossil fuels in factories and other places. I think that if we cut down on the amount of fossil fuels that we use, and replace it with alternative energy sources such as solar power or hydroelectricity, we could improve the country in a great way.

Pollution effects more things than many people think. It can affect humans, plants, animals, and even non-living things, such as buildings. The smoke from factories can blacken buildings, and ruin the buildings integrity. Pollution also ruins air quality, which makes it bad for you to breathe in polluted air. From a study published in the Journal of Environmental Research Letter, air pollution kills more than 2 million people each year.

Water pollution is only one form of pollution. Water pollution is when chemicals get into the water and pollute it. According to the EPA, 44 percent of all their assessed stream miles, 66 percent of lakes, and 30 percent of bays are not clean enough for fishing and swimming. This is not good for our environment because it contaminated the water around us. Also, fish and other aquatic animals have to swim in these contaminated waters.

Some people might say that it doesn’t need to be a priority for our country, or that we shouldn’t stop using fossil fuels because fossil fuels are the best source for energy, but these fossil fuels are quickly destroying the country. I think this issue should be a priority for the country, because it is a major problem.

So next President, if you want our country to remain as it is, and keep it that way for hundreds of years, we need to start putting even more effort towards cutting down on pollution. Our kids and even our kid’s kids deserve to see and live in a country as great as this one and if it is run down by pollution, they will never have the chance to.


Christian B