Andrew D. Texas

Military Personnel Funding Issues

Many people in the military are not being funded as much as they should be for the sacrifices they are making for others and their country.

Dear Future President,

Throughout the course of my life, I have noticed that many military members aren’t being represented economically the way I think they should be given the time and effort they put in for our country. Considering how much modern athletes are being paid to play a sport, people in the military should be paid double that considering how many risk their lives and even die for their country.

My dad worked for multiple military-based corporations, and has been deployed several times in Iraq and Afghanistan. I personally haven’t felt unprivileged in any way until I realized how much time he has spent working and away from me and my family to help our country. Recently, he got a job to be a professor both for ROTC and for military history, and he leaves before I even wake up to go to school to do PT. Then he doesn’t come home until around when I go to sleep, and he rarely gets weekends off. He has risked his life to both save me and to save others multiple times, and we have moved over half a dozen times in my lifespan. I know however that there are thousands of other military personnel who live paycheck to paycheck, hardly having enough money to support their family, and they put in as much effort as my dad does.

I know that I personally can’t fix this problem that is affecting so many people, changing their lives because of this unbalance, but you can. Please find a way to help fix this problem. Sincerely,

Andrew D.

Freshman, KHS

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