Katie B.

Renewable Energy

I feel that renewable energy should be more common in the world. It is an alternative way to make the earth a better place. Lots of people like clean, simple, pure, and clean energy. But, it can be expensive for some families. If you read my letter, you will find out why we need renewable energy.

Dear Next President,

Hi, my name is Katie B.   I am a student at CMP Capitol Campus. I believe that renewable energy would be an alternative way to make the earth a better place. Here are some examples why.

Renewable energy like solar and wind power should be more common.  In 2012, Brazil, the United States, Canada, and Russia already have  some of the biggest hydropower installations in the world. These hydropower installations will help make the world a better place to live with simple, clean, renewable energy. Wind power is the second most used renewable energy source. Wind power has averaged a capacity of 25%, and will hopefully increase and grow in the future. Global installed capacity of solar power is 100GW, and uses panals to get energy from the sun. Natural energy sources are a great way for the enviorment to harness a good source of energy.

Renewable energy should be more affordable because solar power is $0.24 $/kW-hr. Solar energy is nice to have, but it’s too exspensive for some families who can’t afford it. Oil, coal, and natural gas provide about 85% of all the energy in the world. If we raise the percentage in renewable energy, we can have a better enviorment for the planet, and fossil fuels and power plants will go down in percentage. Renewable energy is cheaper in Australia which harnesses energy through  wind power. It is 14% cheaper than the new coal, and 18% cheaper than gas in 2013. I we get these percentages in The United States, we can have a higher percentage for renewable energy.

Fossil fuels and power plants are non-renewable. They will one day run out and they cannot be used anymore. While non-renewable energy powers 93% of the world, renewable energy powers only 7% of the world. I hope that renewable energy will grow while non-renewable energy will deplete. The first fossil fuel ever was 500 million years ago. These fossil fuels cannot keep up with our current and future energy demands.

In conclusion, I believe that the world should start using renewable energy more often, because fossil fuels and power plants are non-renewable, and can’t keep up with our technology today. This is a big problem. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and I hope you will take this subject to matter and fix this because this is a big problem.

Thank you next president,

Katie B.