Christina T. Massachusetts

School and Homework's Impact on the Well-being on Students

Students should have enough homework to learn but should not be as stressed. They should learn more real life skills, rather than stressing out about the Pythagorean Theorem. Too many students are suffering from issues such as anxiety, stress, and sleep deprivation due to school. There must be a change.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. President, 

I believe that education for students should be more reasonable. Students should be challenged enough to avidly learn, but should not be this stressed getting their work done. I hope that you can help with this issue.

     There are 24 hours in a day. It has been shown that high school students should get at least 8 hours of sleep. Now, there are 16 hours left in the day. Six of these are spent in school. There are 10 hours left. Two of those hours are used getting ready for school, going to school, and coming home. Eight hours are left. Three of these hours are likely to be used for sports. There are 5 hours left. Two of these can be used to wind down for the night. Students should use these hours to read a book and relax. Some students are doing homework from the minute they get home from school to late in night. This is not okay.

      Too many students are suffering from sleep deprivation, which results in them not paying as much attention in school. They are living their life in a haze. Students already spend 6 hours of school. In addition to the minimal sleep from school, they are waking up at five or six o'clock to get ready. Students should be able to get enough sleep to be able to function energetically. They should not have to spend over 5 more hours, in which many do. This causes plenty of stress among them, knowing that if they don't get a 100 on this test, then their future is ruined. 

      Because of the amount of homework, students do not have the opportunity as much to go out into the real world and learn how to pay taxes, buy a house, or other real-life skills. Students should learn how life works, as well as the basic problems in their daily life, not the problems on their math homework. Students now are also not learning basic social skills and how to communicate, and this is partially due to homework, as well as many other factors. Homework IS extremely beneficial to students, so it should still be in place, but just less of it. With the schedule of hours in a day written above, we would be left with three hours for homework. I strongly believe that this is an appropriate amount of homework and studying a night. 

Thank you, 


Nipmuc High School

F Group WEX II


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