Kati M Maine

A Student's Paradox

Please help, college is too expensive

Dear Hillary Clinton,

Honestly I’m super relieved you won the election. I believe that you have the best interest of all American people at heart, and that is the main reason you would have gotten my vote if I were allowed to vote. I just missed it by less than a month. It’s tragic, really. I could sit here and tell you every reason why I’m excited that you won, like your level head, your experience, your quote “The hardest thing about going to college should not be paying for it,” your stances on the following: women, gay marriage, racial bias, climate change, abortion, and gender equality.

But that's not what this letter is about. This letter is about college. Bernie Sanders was very popular with younger voters because he represented us. He understood the problems that younger people fear and he set out to fix those problems. The hardest thing about college is paying for it. Students who actually know their major from the start are drowning in student debt, never mind those who were undecided. College should be a place for children to grow into adults, figure out what they want to do in life, and receive the skills to do what they want. Tuition restricts students and holds them down. It should not.

I’m writing this letter to you in the sincere hope that you try to fix this problem. I realize it’s expensive and frankly I have no clue how you would achieve this, but figuring that stuff out is your job. So good luck and please try your best.


A concerned student