Constantine G. Maine

Police Brutality

Police Brutality has been a major issue in the U.S. the last couple of years. Read this letter to find out how we can stop it and more.

Dear Future President:

In this year only, 967 Americans have been killed by police officers. As a free country are we just going to let this happen? Yes, it will be a tough task to end this issue, but we can try harder to limit what is happening. There is a point that some police brutality is self-defense, but not all 962 kills are self-defense. 

The first reason that we need to stop police brutality is that police officers are hurting and or killing more people than they need to. So let’s get started! Over the last couple of years, I have been paying a lot more attention to current events and social issues, and this one really stands out to me. This is a country that should be the best country, and now we are turning into a violent, non-loving society. We as a country don’t want to turn in to the Banana Republic, do we? Right now in the United States, a cop kills an American every 7 hours and since yesterday 5 people have gotten killed. These acts of police officers needs to stop because it makes tons of people mad especially the Black community. As president, this will be a tough task to end but one more alarming statistic from says that for every 1,000 American people killed by a cop only 1 officer is convicted of a crime. You as president will need to crack down on this issue.

My second reason that we need to stop police brutality is that the United States is turning into a place we don’t want to live in or we don’t feel comfortable living in. Especially in places like California and Chicago and other places where it tends to be violent, people do not feel comfortable of who's supposed to be protecting their city. Police officers are meant for protecting the people, that’s what they sign up for. When these disgusting videos are released, it makes me and many others want to just turn away from their screen and throw up, and you being president can change the way these officers are acting.

My final and most important reason that we need to stop police brutality isn’t a reason, it’s necessary and it has to happen. Police officials need to pay more attention to who they are hiring and putting on the job. You as president can change things if you don’t like what you see. For example, if there is so much violence going on down in California between police officers and American citizens, you should make sure that the police official that hires the officers is making the right decisions or else you should fire him. That officer should be able to make the right choices and tell the officers the right thing to do. Also, when an officer applies for a job, he should be interviewed and his answers should be looked at to see if he’s right for the job. America should be a safe place to live instead of being so violent because this is not what God envisioned when he created all of this.

In the end of all this, it will be a tough task to try to end but, we can make some simple changes to stop police brutality. As president you can enforce that officers use their taser, are right for the job and care about people’s safety and not kill them. If you truly want to make America great again, you need to stop police brutality.


Costa G.