Sarah M. Oklahoma

College Tuition

We should make college education affordable and accessible to all high school graduates.

Dear Future President,

We should find a way to make college education more affordable and accessible to high school graduates. Having a college degree leads to many more job possibilities and career paths than only graduating high school. The funds to afford college tuition is hard to come by and creates a cycle that negatively impacts the same socioeconomic class continuously. Students who cannot afford college tuition are not likely to get degrees that would allow them to earn the amount needed to pay for tuition for their children. Also, people with a limited amount of money may be faced with the decision of college being worth the cost. Education is important, so we should eliminate the choice between a life of debt with education and an uneducated life excluding college tuition debt. Although I am not suggesting that college be free, I think it is important that our future president makes college education affordable to all who desire it.