Pamela N. Texas

Safety on College Campuses

Sexual assault on college campuses is a problem we should take more serious and put an effort to make an end to it.

Dear future President,

I believe that the government should reinforce laws of safety in college campuses and find better ways to take control of this problem.On the Gale website we can find out that 25% of college women are sexually assaulted and 5% of females students are raped each year.These statistics come to show that a place we think is safe is actually a place were we are in great danger of being harmed.As president of the U.S. your job is to lead a country of freedom but people are enslaved by fear of being harmed in place we are told is safe.What will you do about this?

Galena Park High School

English II

English II students write about their concerns for the upcoming election.

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