Annabelle Maine

Animal Abuse

Everyday animals get thrown out on the streets. It's time to show people that it is NOT RIGHT!

Dear Next President,

First,I just want to say Congratulations!

I think that animal abuse should be outlawed. It’s not fair that everyday an animal gets beaten or thrown out on the streets like garbage. Put yourself in their paws. With all due respect, how would you like it if you were an animal and your owner just threw you out like you were nothing?  In my book, that’s just NOT RIGHT!

I have some ideas for you that might work . I think people working in shelters or pet stores, or anywhere that people can buy animals, should require background checks on the people adopting an animal. They should make sure that a person has a stable home life, food and water, and space for the animal to get some exercise. They should provide all the basic necessities an animal needs. They need to find out if the person is able to care for the animal for the rest of its days.

I just want animals to be safe from people who are out to hurt them or worse. Please make sure to do something about this. We can not stand to lose any more of our beloved animals. Please, Mr or Ms. President, please help our animals to live the life that they were given.