Mackenzie Georgia


rape needs to stop

Dear future president,

I believe we need to find a way to teach people how to defend themselves against rape because more and more cases of rape are popping up every year. I don’t know if more people are getting raped or if we are just more informed but either way something needs to be done. We need to find a way to help those who have been raped and find a way to stop it from happening.

Both my aunt and her stepmom lost their virginity through rape, my aunt when she was fifteen and her stepmom when she was seventeen. There are many other people who have been raped like a woman in a college town called Cecilia Washburn. (True name not given) She said that the man had pinned her down, pulled off her leggings and underwear, and then raped her. There have been three other cases of rape at the college that we know about; and this is just one place.

Rape is also very hard for people mentally. For example a woman named Nancy Ziegnmeyer was raped by a man named Mr. Smith and the effects on her marriage were slight but she could notice the difference. Anytime she and her husband made love and she cringed he would stop and ask her if he was doing something that reminded her of the attack.

We need to stop rape from happening. I have a few ideas of how to stop it. The first one is to compel people to take action themselves by showing people how common rape really is because usually rape is a taboo subject and is avoided as a conversation topic so most people don’t even consider the possibility that they could be raped. Another way that is more subtle is to have a TV channel that teaches people self-defense. Tie Chi for example it is a passive martial arts that is used to react to being attacked.

This is why rape needs to be stopped because if it isn’t than more people might have to go through these hardships. Those “hardships” are also the reason why we need to help them recover from the trauma of it, and stop it from happening to other people in the future.

Sincerely: Mackenzie