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Crisis Of Our Time.

The Refugee Crisis

Crisis Of Our Time

The United States of America has one of the most generous refugee policy and is expected to take 10,000 Syrian refugees of war. Many concerns arise from the influx of refugees. These concerns include issues involving security and assimilation of refugees. Many Americans are concerned about the effects refugees will have on society. A large concern is the impact on the economy and how the refugees will affect Americans and America’s well being as a whole in the long term. In addition to the economic concerns, there are also concerns involving security threats. Most of the general population as well as policy makers and government officials are concerned about terrorists attacks like the ones that have already happened in America, France, Belgium and Germany. The United States Government should create policies to help prevent harm to the american people and to benefit refugees and Americans economically. The best way to do that is through effective vetting and assimilation strategies.

American’s profile Syrian Refugees as terrorists. Headlines put in the news show cases of terrorism such as “ A SYRIAN asylum seeker yesterday slashed a woman colleague to death with a machete in the centre of a German town before going on the rampage”(Stevens). That is not always the case though. Many refugees can be just as innocent as American attack victims. Scott Tipton explicitly states “ My concern is that terrorists will seek to exploit the plight of innocent refugees and the goodwill of the United States as a way to enter our country, intent on killing Americans. The risk is legitimate; It has happened before” (Tipton). Many State representatives such as Scott Tipton see the concern of the American people and the innocence of the refugees, therefore someone is thinking about both parties at hand to better accommodate when making policies. The Obama Administration has not evaluated all the risks that this poses as the Immigration subcommittee clearly states when saying “ While the President may claim ISIS is 'contained,' clearly it is not. His own Administration officials have cautioned Congress of our limited ability to conduct security checks for those from Syria. If the recent attacks are not a wake-up call, I do not know what will be” (Immigration subcommittee). As stated by both Scott Tipton and The Immigration Subcommittee, there have been recent attacks or attacks have happened before. If attacks have happened before why is no one fixing the problem? The problem can not be approached from racist muslim hating point of view nor can it come from the viewpoint of someone who will let anyone in undocumented. People who dislike muslims are causing more animosity and people who are letting people in undocumented are letting a wolf slip in with a group of sheep. The refugees entering the country preceded the Wurzburg terrorist attack ,where a terrorist posed as a refugee from Afghanistan and began trying to harm train passengers armed with a knife. If the assailant was documented he would have most likely been caught before he carried out the attack.No one can fix the problem because state representative and Federal lawmakers cannot agree. A possible solution is getting documentation of each refugee entering this country and they shall have a trial period of a year and if they do not throw up red flags they can stay in the United States. If they cause suspicion regarding terrorist activity they will be sent back.

The United States Government has a generous refugee policy but concern lies in how we can effectively assimilate refugees into the general population. Some of The United states Government officials also think that r the refugees should benefit from being in this country, instead of suffering like they were in their homeland. "The need for a fresh approach to the crisis is obvious. To properly care for the displaced, policymakers must first understand the concerns of the states that host them. An effective refugee policy should improve the lives of the refugees in the short term and the prospects of the region in the long term, and it should also serve the economic and security interests of the host states”(Betts, Alexander, Collier, Paul). The host countries are also at fault in this instance because you should not take in people you can not care and provide for, it is inhumane. Host countries need to be able to support the citizens there now and refugees as the text suggests that the refugees should benefit and if they benefit so does the country in the long term.

The United States should use other countries as examples of why we should improve our refugee program and policies. An improved refugee program can promote economic benefit instead of burden, as well as protecting Americans and innocent refugees entering the country. As a major world power you should take it as your responsibility to address this impending crisis. In your first 100 days in office you should come up with effective strategies to improve refugee policy to protect them, Americans and America’s Economy. Documenting refugees and giving them a trial period to prove they are not here to harm others. As we know you as the president are suppose to fix the economy while in office. While making policy to fix the economy create policies that will ensure refugees will boost the economy.

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