Damian R. Indiana

Failure in our education system

Teaching system needs to be reformed.

Rowland 1

Damian Rowland

Mr. Smith

English 11, period 2

3 November 2016

Failure in our education system

Dear President,

Our education system needs to be reformed. Throughout a total of 100 years of America’s history, everything we do and use everyday improved in dramatic ways, shaping our society today. Why hasn’t our school systems join the action and change how we do things as well?

We hear about schools in other countries improving on workmanship and creative thinking with their kids. For instance charter schools are becoming a great deal in countries like Sweden, independent schools that actually help individuals amazingly to become someone in the future. “Swedish education policy, aims to raise the status of the teaching profession, support professional development and thus increase quality in education.” (https://sweden.se/society/education-in-sweden)

A grading system in some countries are non-existent, the students are graded on how well they work together and participation. Which is something that needs to done here instead of having letters that judge how uneducated we are. Plus we’re not products of meat, there’s no reason to grade us we don’t have an expiration date labeled on us.

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We lenguish in a room for five days a week for eight hours a day, having to raise our hands to get our voices heard. This is not something we enjoy doing, they wonder why some of us don’t listen, no one likes to be forced to do something they don’t like. To get our participation in school and actually have the 15-25% students follow your guidelines, you have to show that you care. Make school more enjoyable not present it as something needed to be able to survive out in the real world.

I know a lot of the lessons our teachers teach us would like to do other work but they’re forced to do what our state tells them to do. There have been countless times I’ve heard my teacher say before a lesson that she/he doesn’t think the lesson isn’t useful, but it is required by the state to be taught.

These other countries including Sweden have their kids do creative work, mainly hands-on activities. This gets almost every kid involve. Attendance is perfect because the students are finding out what they are good at which leads to them wanting to do more, learn more, be more. “The preschool curriculum includes clearer goals for children’s linguistic and communicative develop­ment and for science and technology. Mandatory national subject tests are held in years 3, 6 and 9 of compulsory school to assess student prog­ress. There are also new qualification requirements for areas including upper secondary school studies.” (https://sweden.se/society/education-in-sweden)

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Some would argue that our education system is great. The way of learning is flowing perfectly, teachers are getting through to the kids. Everything is fine, they say. But who are they?

They are the people our government appointed. The majority, 70% of those people, had their own perception on life they would notice how corrupted our school systems really are. Instead their perception was disrupted by the ways they were taught in school, to sit still, not to talk, go by so many rules not able to do the things they truly enjoy or basically find what they are good at because they are told they can’t. So the government made a system to robotize us into machines. To work in their factories. To live a life in the same cycle everyday under their control. A way to cancel out a threat, I’ll say. Most people don’t know this, but we the people have much more power over our government. Well we did, Today can’t be quite sure, because they almost have us under their perceptions how they want us to run everyday. To build some sort of Utopia for them. We are told this is the way of life. Don’t know about you, but slavery is not a way of life. You can say this isn’t slavery, then again you are part of the 70%.

All I’m asking is to treat your future with care instead of expressing apathy toward us, tell us we can succeed. Acting as if this would be for the greater good doing the same thing repetitively for years. What I’ve noticed throughout my years of schooling, would have to be the teachers seemed to treat teaching as if it’s just a job because this system is set to be made out like that, we need a piece of paper that is made up of 25 percent linen and 75 percent cotton with ink printed on both sides. To determine whether or not we are able to survive in this reality. Here lately the saying, you have to do the things you don’t want to get it over with has been a

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big impact on my thinking. Why should this even be a entity? We are the future are we not? Take this into consideration, no more over looking this topic.


Damian Rowland