Nicole S. Nevada

Guns; the Good and the Bad

My essay talks about the pros and cons of guns.

        Dear President

       The U.S. has a huge gun issue right now, which most can agree on. But, what can we do about the problem? Some believe they need guns, and some are completely against them. 

       One side believes way too many people are killed, and that we need to have more control on who can have guns. According to “The United States of Firearms: America’s love of the Gun” article we have way too many guns with, “89 guns for every 100 civilians.”In order to fix this they believe we should do background checks before selling anyone a gun. Compared to every other country the U.S. has basically no rules for owning guns. Other countries require license, registration, safety training, storage, and a reason for purchasing. Although, some states in America have stricter gun laws, this is not enough, and all states should follow these requirements. 

     The other side believes that we should follow the second amendment, and have the right to bear arms. They feel guns are needed for protecting yourself. Some even argue that “These shootings would happen less frequently if even more people had guns”.They say this would allow them to protect themselves. Gun owners believe getting their guns taken away is like getting their rights taken away. 

      I believe the U.S. should require all the things that most other countries do,; license, registration, safety training, and a reason for purchasing. Before purchasing guns people should have to get a background check. Research shows “Mass shootings have been increasing in frequency since 2011.” Background checks could help decrease these, because the majority of these shootings (60%) are done by people affected by mental illnesses. I understand in an emergency, for example someone breaking into your house you could use a gun to protect yourself, but there are also other things you could use to protect yourself like maybe an alarm system. If you still didn't feel safe you could still get a gun as long as you passed all requirements.I think this would be a good system, and would make sure guns were never in the wrong hands.

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