De'Erra H. Indiana

Gun Control

Leave the guns alone and finish school , if your not in school don't shoot , fight.

Dear future president,

I care about this situation because it's getting to out of hand. People don't fight anymore, they shoot and kill young kids. Young kids killing young kids. Fighting is not the answer, nor is killing . But, I will rather than everyone fight then shoot each other.

My suggestion about the issue is that if we do have guns we need to us them for good reasons. Such as, if we under attack , or if someone threating you. If your around a bunch of creeps and you don't feel safe. If you have kids and someone touch up your child inappropriate. If someone bring you harm , these are some examples what guns are used for.
Others should care about this issue because this could be they brother , sister , cousin , uncle , aunt, grandma , grandpa , etc. Who die of something very stupid, such as someone who gets mad and shoot someone and kills them. That's stupid , and also a example.


De'Erra H.