Kasey N. Indiana

Gun Control

This letter mostly talks about how to better gun control.

Dear Future President,

In order to help prevent future gun attacks on civilians, we need to increase background checks, but not necessarily increase gun control. Sellers need to increase background checks. Sellers and buyers need to be more aware of who they are selling/ purchasing the gun from.

Cauase breaks out in Orlando, Florida, due to mass shooting at gay bar. According to Washington Post, “A gunman killed 50 people and wounded 3 more early Sunday before being killed by police.” “Due to this shooting many people, including the candidates have been wanting a say in gun control and gun violence.”

The candidates react to mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. According to Washington Post, “ A lot of us have been talking for quite a while in terms of background checks and tightening background checks, particularly as it pertains to those with mental illness.” The shooting in Orlando shows that the seller either didn’t do a background check or the seller didn’t do a very thorough background check.

Some people might argue that Georgia’s bill is too lax, but I don’t agree. According to Los Angeles Times, “ The legislation comes as a Gallup poll in January found increased support for easing up gun restrictions. The poll found that 16 percent supported making guns more available, up from 5 percent a year earlier.” I think that easing up gun control wouldn’t be a bad thing because there are some people out there that will use them correctly and not to harm others.

In my opinion, sellers need to increase background checks on buyers, but do not increase gun control. Sellers should become more aware about what is going on around them and not be afraid to tell a buyer they need a more thorough background check.