Chenia New York

Unneeded Education

Some classes have gone out of date.


Some of of the topics in this issue are actually true and most of the audience would agree with them that they are unnecessary. For starters, who is really going to need or even remember U.S History unless they are planning to become President. Also when is gym going to be relevant after high school is over? Plus according to an MSNBC investigation, gym class only keep kids physically active for 16 minutes within a 40 mintue class.  When we do end high school, we will more than likely never use these skills in college or even in the workplace. Like in all honesty, who is really going to use P.E. after they graduate high school unless they want to be a physical trainer? 

Troy High School

Mr. Mo's Amazing English Students

Each of my students has a voice that needs to be heard. These are the minds and hearts that will help shape our country's future. All student writing, audio, video and artwork is 100% original and supported with in-depth research. Enjoy their incredible work.

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