Isaiah New York

Success or Failure

Have you ever wanted to go to college, but feared at the expenses it would cost? Why should college be so expensive to the people who can't afford it?

Dear Mr/Mrs president,

I believe we should lower the cost of college education. We the people deserve a chance and opportunity to go to college. There are people who believe it is a waste of time and resort to only working, thinking they are getting a head start on life, but they are only spoiling the chance of success that they could have. If you have or want kids, one of the key factors that you want them to have is to be successful right? Well in that case one goal for them is college, unless your child relies on you or his/her’s natural talent to make over every two weeks with normal jobs and without a degree of any kind.

At my age, everyone is starting to realize it's crunch time; that means it's time to get things done and start looking at what you're going to do with your future because in 11th grade as a junior in high school you start to look at college. College expenses can go to $9,000  and even higher. To get into a private college it could cost more than $30,000 a year. There are only a few ways that you can avoid really expensive college prices such as trying your best to be scouted by coaches at universities. Not to mention the student still has to buy supplies that are necessary to help him or her succeed. You're probably thinking in your mind that it's not that big of a deal,  but some people scrap it completely, They avoid going to college because they feel like they have all the education they need; they can take care of themselves with the knowledge they have, but for some people that isn't necessarily the case.

There are people who are very smart and their talent is wasted because they cannot get into college due to expenses. It almost makes some people feel like college isn't even worth the hassle and either drop out or never go.  Steve Jobs dropped out of college and became one of the most innovative and successful people in our society. Steve Jobs went to college just for two years and yet made more money than someone with a 4 year degree or possibly a masters degree.  Another example why people don't think college is worth it is that they think starting work as soon as they get out of high school will give them a head start in life. Some personal experiences show that they regret the decision and wish they had just gone for college. If you can lower the expenses without raising taxes too high, I believe we can change the work ethic, give people more jobs with a purpose in life, keep people from being homeless and help pay taxes better in the near future. Help make college a reality for all.



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