Bailey Y. New York


I believe homelessness is a huge problem in the USA. This needs to be fixed. Read about my solution.

October 24, 2016

Dear Next President Of The USA,

I think homelessness is a huge problem in the USA that needs to be addressed. Everyday when I’m in the car going somewhere, I see people holding signs saying I’m homeless help. These signs say I will take anything. The problem is are they really homeless.

This is a problem in everyday life. The constitution states that everyone has and needs the basic necessities of life, this does not happen. There are many people that don't have shelter, food , or water. I think I have a solution.

There are many orphan houses for homeless children and adults are equally as important. We need more shelter houses where people can stay. I'm not saying they live there forever. When they are there they will at least have food and shelter and not be sleeping on a street. They could get a job or find a family member to move in with. I know there are a few of these shelter houses but not enough.

I hope you take what I wrote into deep consideration.