Brianna New York

These Wildfires Need To Be Stopped

Wildfires destroy whatever is in their path. Wildfires destroy people`s homes and animal habitats.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Wildfires are dangerous and we need to take action. We need to put more effort into putting them out faster, so less damage will be made. Wildfires are deadly.  When forest fires occur, they tend to hurt and or kill animals. Also forest fires tend to burn down houses that are in their path. US Forest Service states, “Fires can be deadly, destroying homes, wildlife habitats…” we need to take action and stop this from happening.

Forest fires are normally caused by camp fires that were never put out. When forest fires occur, the air starts to become very polluted and harmful for people, and it can cause people to die from not being able to breath. William Hamilton states,“They pollute the air." Pollution is never good the air is normally already a little polluted from cars and when forest fires occur, it creates a lot more pollution and we can't handle it. Pollution does not just kill humans; it can kill animals too. It is horrible how people can be so careless sometimes and let their fire stay going to where it causes a wildfire. This needs to stop. People have to take better care of the environment and take care of everything before they leave the area. I hope that when the new president approaches that he/she will address the matter, and make this stop or at least have it happen less often.

Wildfires destroy whatever is in its path. Wildfires destroy people's homes and animal habitats. Trees are home to many animals such as birds, sloths,and monkeys. So when the trees are burned down those animals either die or survive but lose their homes. When the animals are killed they will eventually become extinct faster than they should. 

Sometimes forest fires can be good. Forest fires could destroy old plantation so new plantation can grow. No one wants old plantation they want new plantation so everything will be pretty. Laurie Dove states , “even healthy forests contain dead trees and decaying plant matter; when a fire turns them to ashes nutrients return to the soil instead of remaining captive in old vegetation.” well that is a good thing but then whatever animal lived in the tree will then have nowhere to live or it would have been killed by the fire. Wildfires are good in some situations but not all, for example if a fire occurs and your house gets destroyed , where are you gonna live. No where you won't have enough money to buy a new house or to rebuild it, so you would have to live with you parents until you have enough money. Just think of all the people that have died because of these fires and how many innocent animals have died from these fires,it is unfair to them and we need to stop this, we need to take action and make this stop.

The future president should try to look into increasing the budget so that wildfires can be put out better and faster, therefore less damage can be made. Also if the budget was raised, fire departments will have more money to spend on equipment. In 2014, a really bad fire occurred. The fire spread 10 miles, which was horrible and caused a lot of damage which they could barely afford to fix. Justin Worland states, “Wildfires in the United States cost an estimated 3.5 million dollars each year.” I am hoping that whoever becomes president will invest in a bigger budge. If there was a bigger budget, the fire department would have a lot more money to spend on better equipment and they would have a lot more money to work with when fixing the damages made by these fires.

Sincerely, Brianna


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