Rayan Illinois


Problems with guns -- and solutions.

Dear President, 

I would like to talk about gun control in the U.S.A. I know we can’t remove guns because that's not realistic.

But I think we can be more careful with guns because, according to Newsweek, 60% of Americans have a gun and 13,000 were killed as a result of gun violence in 2015. And do you know that there are 280 million guns in the USA, and half of them are illegal?

I believe gun ownership is a good idea because you can defend yourself, your family, and most guns are made in the United States, therefore, gun manufacturing improves our economy. The U.S gains money from mass-produced guns.

But we need to find solutions for the problems that I have written about. The government should be more careful with establishing new laws, trying to seize as many illegal guns as possible, and investigating the people who are susceptible to gun use and to harm others.