Enis U. Illinois

Letter to next president

The secrets of the government

Dear Next President,

I want to ask why do you keep secrets? Why don't people trust the government? Some examples that I have include Area 51 and ISIS. Many don't know what is kept in Area 51, and some think that the government is making up ISIS. So we need to say the truth and get the secrets out so that people can trust the government.

I am really sad about this problem; the secrets that you guys are keeping are making people not trust you. I’m going to share a little story that my friend's mom told me about Area 51. She said “Well, think about it: when Area 51 came, like right after that we came out with lasers and other cool stuff. They are probably holding aliens hostage or are friends with them and exchanging technology." I became scared; I looked into Area 51, and it was very creepy. What I found scared me for a couple of days, but that feeling of fear went away.

So you need to do something about this problem as the secrets kept from the people that are causing them to not trust the government. This could make the people probably do something very unpredictable and will cause damages. I think to prevent that from happening, the best thing to do is tell the truth and get the secrets out there.

Thank you for your time. I hope you read this letter and consider what I have to say.