Riccardo Illinois

Death penalty YES or NO?

How can the death penalty be legal in 2016?

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

I want to talk about why in this country 30 states are actually using the death penalty and when they would apply the penalty. The death penalty is given to those who have committed a murder and other capital crimes. It can be applied for crimes such as murder or terrorism. These are just a couple reasons why the states would sentence someone to death.

But the real problem is this: why does a serious crime have to be punished by a murder; isn’t that a serious crime, too?

For me, Mr. or Ms. President, there’s no difference if someone kills someone and the state kills someone, or if someone did brutal crimes and the state kills him or her because the state is doing a brutal crime, too. Capital punishment is basically legalized murder.

But there’s another problem: the innocent people that were placed on death row for a mistake and were killed -- nobody cares about them. Should we put the state in jail for such a mistake? Who will pay for this?

Is it considered progress that in 2016 a man can decide the life of another man?

There are many other issues we should care about. For example, the ease of buying weapons increases the opportunity for murder.

Finally, I don’t think that today the death penalty is a strong deterrent anymore because crimes are still made by people,  and you can’t stop a crime with another one. Because, for me, the death penalty sounds unconstitutional.