Sophia S. Virginia

Holding Companies Accountable for Pollution

Dear Future President,

The world is a huge, natural wonder that took billions of years to create. So why are we destroying it? The planet is one large ecosystem, that provides the necessary resources for survival of both plants, and animals- (including us.) It has created so many beautiful landscapes and habitats that should be cherished and a reminder for the importance and beauty of our planet. In the past and present, there have been several issues just in America, such as Coal Ash dumping into the James River, large factories in general, and pollution from the citizens of the country. There are many ways in which we can help save the planet, and you don’t have to be Superman to do it.

For one, there are ideas that are provided by large corporations, and companies, across the country that are cheap, easy, and efficient ways to ‘get rid’ of excess garbage and unwanted excrements. One of those ideas was to dump leftover coal ash into the James River. Although the coal ash was treated, it did not prevent it, from hurting wildlife, and other elements that play an important role in our ecosystem. Ideas such as these don’t affect us harshly yet. However, in a couple of hundred years, all of these decisions will add up and become a much bigger problem than it is now. Take Global Warming for an example.

There are several factories nowadays used to produce cars, processed food, and other items. I understand that several of these factories are indeed necessary, but it would be better if what we built inside those factories were better for the environment themselves. For example, instead of working so much on the production of the normal, everyday cars that we use all around America today, why don’t we focus more on producing cars that use less energy, and oil, producing electrical cars, or even more bicycles. For example, there are many parts of the U.S where it is easy to get around without a car. People can use the sidewalks to walk, bike from one place or the next, or they have city transportation. By creating cities with public transportation, we will save both in terms of oil/energy, and the environment.

Another avoidable reason for our devolving environment is the fact that our citizens continue to pollute the rivers, oceans, lakes, streets, and any other type of landscape you could imagine. The issue certainly isn’t that there is nowhere for us to throw our garbage away, there are plenty of trashcans lining the streets or in stores, or restaurants. We don’t throw our garbage away, mostly because of pure laziness. We seem to think that one gum wrapper won’t do a thing. However, if thousands of people think that and drop one candy wrapper, we’ll end up with thousands of pieces of garbage blowing in the wind everyday. Would it really be that much more difficult to hold on to a piece of garbage for an extra minute?

The planet Earth is a beautiful ecosystem, which is worth trying to preserve. There are many ways in which we damage the planet including, mistreating the rivers, air pollution from factories, and pollution from civilians in general. Together, we can work to better the planet for us, and for future generations to come.