katherine e. Georgia


some people don`t deserve to be deported?


Illegal immigration is a problem in this country. There are many people that I know with parents that are immigrants. It`s not fair that they work here and pay the governments taxes but they can`t become citizens. Immigrants should not be deported. If they have children or have lived here for a few years they should get there citizenship. There must be an easier way for immigrants to become citizens. When immigrants started coming into the country they made the immigration act. The Immigration Act was made to control the amount of immigrants coming in. Also another big issue is that the Green Card is now even harder to get. The Green Card is a permanent resident’s card, it gives you the authorization to live and work here. There are some worthy people that can`t get the green card because of its restrictions. In the website “ABC-Controversy and issues” there was a report on racial profiling against immigrants. In the article it said, “Mexican and Latino residents are more likely to be stopped than any other nationality.” Since Mexicans were 85% of the undocumented entrants, officers could use there appearances as a factor for their investigation.” Mexicans and Central Americans are more likely to be deported. In “ABC-Controversy and issues” it said that people may be stopped to be interrogated as an ethnic because they`re mistaken to be Latino. In the article “California immigrants” it said, California has the seventh largest economy and immigrants built that prosperity. Immigrants are an important factor to this world`s economy. Immigrants have worked hard in our country, why should they leave? Parents of citizen children have been deported several times for the past years. This causes anxiety and stress, how are they supposed to focus in school and get there education. People who live here should become citizens already because they chose to come here for a better life. This is a world full of immigrants. Are you going to make us happy? Families are in need of staying together not to separating. People who already lived here for many years have served this country. They should have all their rights others have in this country. If we are happy and pleased this country will become successful.                                                                                     Sincerely, Katherine E.