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Illegal Immigration: Stranger Danger

Illegal immigration of aliens into the United States is a threat to our country and to our country's citizens. Citizenship should not be granted for these illegal immigrants.

Dear President of the United States,

The dispute between citizenship of illegal immigrants into the United States has become a heated topic these past several years. Both you and the past presidential candidate have disagreed vastly on this issue. I have come to the conclusion that illegal immigration of aliens into the United States is not only a threat to citizens’ lives, but a threat to the entire country as a whole. Currently, one of the most threatening issues facing Americans is terrorism. If restrictions for illegal immigration were lessened in the United States, gates would open for terrorists to potentially wreak havoc.

Supporters of illegal immigration such as Clinton, which may or not be you, believe that illegal aliens should have pathway to citizenship because it is racist to restrict their right of passage ("Hillary Clinton 2016 Election vs Donald Trump 2016 Election”). Restricting illegal immigration is not racist and should be used as a safety precaution to protect the United States. Also, the issue being discussed here is illegal immigration which is a totally different concept compared to legal immigration. If outsiders of the United States have the right documents, paperwork, and background check, they should be able to obtain citizenship.

A common argument made by supporters of illegal immigration is that America was originally created by the mixture of cultures and immigration, so it should continue to form that way. Just because it has formed that way in the past, does not mean immigration should continue to be encouraged. Terrorism was not an issue a couple hundred years ago. In the recent years, terrorism has become a major issue in American society and allowing illegal aliens into the country would put people at risk.

Terrorism has only been an apparent modern issue and this can be seen through catastrophic events such as the destruction of the World Trade Center center. A few thousand people died due to the terrorists who organized this and it would be devastating to witness another similar event occur within the United States.

The Department of Labor has shown that roughly 2.5 million farm workers in the U.S. are illegal immigrants (Goodman). These statistics suggests that illegal immigrants should be allowed citizenship within our country or else there would be a labor shortage. This argument is not true because legal Americans searching for employment could take those jobs. This is harmful to the economy because these immigrants who work low paying jobs prevent young citizens of the United States from being employed. Illegal immigration is also harmful to the economy because the majority of illegals are poor and citizens of the United States have to pay taxes such as healthcare to aid them financially (“Should the Government Allow Immigrants Who Are Here Illegally to Become US Citizens?”).

Illegal immigration of aliens should be restricted more actively by restricting illegal immigrants from applying for citizenship, creating a law that restricts illegal immigration altogether, as well as requiring businesses to send status reports on their employees to determine if they are legal citizens (Williamson).

I hope you agree with my advice and take it into consideration. By restricting illegal immigrants from applying for citizenship, our citizens would be safer, our country would be safer, and we would have a healthier economy.

Sincerely, Nate


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