Colin G. Wisconsin

Climate Change

Climate change is becoming more and more deadly to our planet. Immediate action must be taken to insure our future.

Dear future president,

One of the most prominent problems in the world today is climate change. The survival of our world depends on us. We have control over the actions we take. The times we drive our cars, the amount of red meat we eat, flying in planes, the amount of oil we drive out of the ground for money. For those leaders who say climate change is not real, that it's a hoax and a trick on people, there's factual evidence that the environment has increased 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the equivalent of 400, 000 Hiroshima bombs going off every day. To be blunt, if you don't believe in factual evidence, you're unfit for the office of president. The future president must understand the methane released by red meat, enforce a carbon tax, and leave fossil fuels in the ground.

First, I believe the future president needs to understand the importance of how red meat affects our planet. Cows are killed and grown in excess. Thousands and thousands of them are next to each other for miles. The cows belch methane because of the food they are given. This leads to a serious problem when meat is demanded and cows are grown to an incredible amount. 

Next the future president must take in hand how effective a carbon tax would be in the United States. A carbon tax would simply be a tax on how much carbon you let in the atmosphere. The more you drive and fly the more you will be taxed. Lastly, fossil fuels that are taken out of the ground for money. The earth is being destroyed by fracking and the driving of oils out of the earth. It must be stopped.

In the United States the carbon is doubled per person than every other country in the world. So to all those leaders who don't believe in this or say it is a hoax, look at the facts. I don't want you all to look at the result and realize you were wrong when our planet is forever changed. It takes everyone to help bring about change, but it takes a smart, dedicated leader to impress upon us how important it is.



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