Alex Illinois

Climate Change

Global warming is affecting our world. Horrible things will happen to our world if we do not do something about it. What can we do to help.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Global warming is a major ecological problem in this world. Thousands of pounds of C02 are being released into our atmosphere every day. It is like compound interest, where C02 that has just been ejected into our atmosphere adds to the effects of C02 currently. According to, one human alone releases two and a half pounds of C02 every day, and burning one gallon of gasoline releases twenty pounds of C02. C02: We’ve all heard about it, but what are the effects are of it? states that the atmpsphere is made up of 0.035% C02. If the atmosphere were made up of 1% of C02, humans would experience drowsiness, reduced hearing, and an increased heart rate and blood pressure. If the amount of C02 in the atmosphere rose to 8%, we would experience temporary unconsciousness.

How can we solve global warming? One way of figuring out how to stop the effects of global warming is carbon sequestration. Carbon sequestration is the act of removing C02 from the atmosphere, and trapping it in a solid or liquid form, and storing it, so it can’t be released into the atmosphere. Another way of stopping the effects of global warming is to find alternative energy sources all together.

Alternative energy sources should mostly affect cars, which release the most C02 every day. One energy source is already being applied to most cars are hybrid cars. These cars use electricity as an alternative energy source when driving. Another source of energy is to use fuel cells. Fuel cells cause reactions between hydrogen and oxygen to power the cars, but they cost around a thousand dollars to make.

I hope you put some consideration into funding these ideas.

- Alexander Sept

Elgin Academy

7th Grade Middle School Language Arts

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